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Consultation Services



Basic Package

Ideal for new businesses or those new to formal marketing, this package offers a concise marketing plan focusing on defining clear objectives and target audience insights. It includes a one-hour strategy consultation to set your marketing direction and a basic content guideline to get you started.


Bronze Package

Designed for growing businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts, this package builds on the Basic package by adding a detailed two-month content calendar, branded graphic templates, a snapshot of competitive analysis, and basic advertising strategies.


Silver Package

Perfect for established businesses aiming to deepen their market impact, this package offers an in-depth marketing strategy, covering advanced audience analysis, a robust content strategy with original posts, and email marketing initiatives, complemented by detailed analytics and weekly check-ins.


Gold Package

Tailored for businesses seeking to dominate their market segment, this package includes everything in the Silver plus a complete brand audit, influencer collaboration strategies, and an intermediate advertising blueprint, ensuring a comprehensive approach to branding and marketing.


Platnium Package

Our most extensive package is designed for top-tier businesses or those needing a full-scale marketing overhaul. It features an omnichannel strategy integration, a multi-platform advertising roadmap, sales funnel development, and a custom CRM strategy supported by ongoing expert guidance and weekly strategic check-ins.


Fractional CMO

Our Fractional CMO service is the pinnacle of our offerings, providing your business with executive-level marketing leadership without the full-time executive cost. Tailored for organizations needing expert, hands-on guidance, this service involves working closely with your team for at least six months. As your part-time Chief Marketing Officer, we'll drive marketing strategy, oversee implementation across all channels, mentor your staff, and closely align marketing efforts with your business goals to ensure substantial, measurable outcomes.


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