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Fractional CMO Services



  • Our Fractional CMO service offers dynamic leadership and strategic expertise tailored for businesses seeking to significantly enhance their marketing without the commitment of a full-time executive. This premium service provides hands-on management and mentorship for your marketing team, driving your company’s marketing strategy, optimizing your campaigns, and ensuring alignment with business objectives over a minimum six-month engagement.


What’s Included

  • Strategic Leadership: Direct formulation and execution of comprehensive marketing strategies.

  • Team Management and Development: Ongoing mentoring and optimization of your marketing team’s capabilities.

  • Marketing Plan Development: Crafting of a detailed, multi-channel marketing plan.

  • Implementation Oversight: Hands-on management of campaign implementations and adjustments.

  • Stakeholder Communication: Regular updates and strategic alignment with company leadership.

  • Budget Management: Oversight of the marketing budget with a focus on maximizing ROI.

  • Custom CRM Strategies: Integration and utilization of CRM systems for improved marketing efficiency.


Process Overview

  1. Strategic Alignment Meeting: An initial session with your executive team to understand core business objectives and current marketing landscape.

  2. Team Assessment: Evaluation of your current marketing team and resources to identify strengths and skill gaps.

  3. Marketing Plan Creation: Development of a strategic marketing plan that includes detailed campaigns, timelines, and KPIs.

  4. Implementation and Management: Ongoing oversight of the marketing strategy execution, with regular adjustments based on performance data.

  5. Regular Reporting and Communication: Monthly reports and meetings with the executive team to discuss progress, results, and strategic adjustments.

  6. Review and Renewal: At the end of the engagement, a comprehensive review of achievements and discussions on the next steps or renewal of the contract.


Expected Outcomes

  • Professional leadership brings a significant uplift in marketing results.

  • Enhanced team performance and skill development.

  • Strong alignment between marketing efforts and business goals.

  • High-level strategic insights driving long-term growth.



  • What does a Fractional CMO do differently than a consultant? Unlike consultants who often provide advice without implementation, a Fractional CMO actively manages and leads your marketing efforts on an ongoing basis.

  • How long is the commitment? The minimum engagement is six months, though many clients choose to extend this as they see the value in long-term strategic guidance.

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